Our Mission

The mission of Sportz Degree LLC. Is to educate our student athletes in the social, financial, moral, and educational aspects of life;  Developing a unique combination of physical and mental growth necessary to become contributing professionals in life.

Our Vision

The vision of Sportz Degree LLC. Is to assist in helping student athletes’ transition from athletes into contributing members of society by educating and honing existing skills which they will use in their future careers and endeavors.  Our vision is displayed through our contributions to the educational aspirations of members of our Sportz Degree family.

What We Do

We offer an inclusive after school program which focuses on the importance of physical activity while also focusing on the educational aspects.  We offer a variety of sports training and opportunities for personal development through interactive experiences with professionals of all kinds.  Additional services offered: Professional web design training by Microsoft professionals, Mentoring, and meet and greets with current and former professional athletes.

A percentage of all profits goes towards scholarships for students in the West Seneca Central School District


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